Ivan Holoubek

Prof. RNDr. Ivan Holoubek, CSc.

Masaryk University, Brno,
RECETOX, Faculty of Science
Professor of Environmnetal Chemistry

E-mail: holoubek@recetox.muni.cz


Professor RNDr. Ivan Holoubek, CSc. is involved in the Research Centre for Toxic Compounds in the Environment RECETOX), presently he is a director of TOCOEN, s.r.o., a company focusing on monitoring and analysis of environment, and he is the head of Department of Atmospheric Matter Fluxes and Long-range Transport at the Global Change Research Institute in Czech Republic.

He is interested in the fate of persistent organic pollutants in the environment, environmental impact assessment, risk analysis - ecological risk assessment, environmental technologies and remediation. Professor Holoubek is the author of 28 books or book chapters, 8 textbooks, over 1 000 scientific papers, conference contributions, research and technical reports, 149 in WoS. With more than 3200 citation and H-index 33 he is an expert member in many scientific organisations and institutions including UNEP, GEF, UNIDO, UNDP and many others